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L.A.M.I. is a company that has been specializing in stainless steel appliances since 1970. Its target market is the home and professional decor industry, for which L.A.M.I. designs, develops and manufactures items supporting and completing laid-out arrangements: stainless dish racks, fit-in and standing dustbins, fitted kitchen accessories and electric household appliances.

Although L.A.M.I. is a company in constant technological development, provided with the necessary tools and knowledge for optimising production times and costs, it has over the years succeeded in preserving its “hand-crafted” soul, which is a guarantee for flexibility. The customer and his requirements lie at the core of its business, as it can achieve both standard and customised products. In either case, the outcome is a blend of quality and creativity. A high-standard product, the expression of a solid, structured company with innovative ideas.